Our Process

At Jefferson Technology, our process is one of the main things that makes us unique. We know that IT is a real pain point for many small and medium sized business – but we also know that when implemented correctly, it has the potential to be a real asset.  We are committed to a process that ensures we are implementing technology solutions that will help businesses grow and thrive.


Our IT solutions are customized for your business, so the starting point of all of our work is a full assessment of your current IT setup, your business needs and goals, and your budget.


Based on the vital information we gather during our assessment phase, we come up with a road map to get your business from A to B most effectively.


Roadmap in hand, we then begin to put into place the solutions that we have decided upon - whether that's a one-time project, or an on-going monthly partnership.


Evaluation is a critical - your time and money are valuable, so we need to ensure they're paying off. If something needs to be adjusted, we can identify it and respond accordingly.

Let's talk about how Jefferson technology can help your business thrive